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The solution to your intimate wellness may come from your own STEM cells.

Women are suffering in silence when it comes to their sexual health. But this does not have to be you!
 There are natural alternatives with the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) to rejuvenate your Lady Parts!

What is the O-shot?
The O-Shot procedure works by injecting PRP into this very delicate tissue to stimulate stem cells to grow healthier tissue. This procedure takes less than 15 minutes in the office.

Stem Cell therapy undergoes a facelift
Now you can get the equivalent of a facelift or a breast lift to revitalize the lower part of your body, improving your sexual desire and sex appeal – and removing vaginal scarring – using your body’s own blood cells. Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP Therapy is 100 percent natural.

What is PRP?
The concentrated platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into selected vaginal areas, accelerating the body’s natural healing and tissue regeneration and tightening up sagging – right where it’s wanted and needed: those special parts. You’re enhancing your sexual experience on the outside and inside. Your body is literally healing and firming itself. If ever there were a “poster child” for feminine personal self-healing, PRP is it!

Rich plasma growth factors are separated from blood cells in the blood using a centrifuge. The liquid part of the blood–the plasma – is “super-charged” with an increased amount of platelets that contain healing proteins called growth factors. 

Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenates tissues by not only accelerating the body’s healing process but by forming new collagen at the targeted site. Collagen has been a buzzword in the anti-aging discussion for years. Natural protein-based collagen forms a resilient, fibrous skeletal structure inside the body, knitting our skin, bones and connective tissues together. It’s what gives our skin its flexibility, strength, and vibrancy.

Collagen production declines with age. Lotions can’t very well absorb collagen through the skin, and synthetic collagen can aggravate sensitive skin. So stimulating the growth of our own collagen is nature’s perfect rejuvenation solution. 

What’s the connection between sex and health? A study of the relationship between sex, health, and mortality in women published in 2017 of 129 high- and low-stress mothers revealed that high-quality relationships and frequency of sex is linked to greater mental and physical health. Better health was measured by looking at the length of the women’s telomeres (a biological index of systemic aging and health). 

In another sex/longevity study published in 1982, this one a 25-year follow-up women’s aging study, the enjoyment of sex was found to lower mortality rates. Dividing up into groups based on how often the test subjects had enjoyable sex when frequency of sex rose to two sessions per week, the death rate was 68 percent lower than the lowest frequency group! Enjoying sex and living longer does appear to have a strong connection.

Collagen production declines with age. Lotions can’t very well absorb collagen through the skin, and synthetic collagen can aggravate sensitive skin. So stimulating the growth of our own collagen is nature’s perfect rejuvenation solution. 

If anti-aging procedures can make women feel younger and more vibrant, that should translate into having more fulfilling sex – and more frequent sex. And if sexual intimacy and frequency were life extenders, wouldn’t most women experiencing age-related sexual dysfunction want to explore natural anti-aging procedures like PRP Therapy?

There is no magic shot that takes the place of all the other factors necessary for amazing intimate wellness like emotional health, hormonal balance, a happy relationship and overall general health. But this shot gives you a 'through the ceiling' jump start for sure!
Why You Need The O-Shot:
The Journey
Can it really transform the sex lives of millions of women? Out of 20,000 procedures, 90% of women reported a greater orgasmic experience. There is a rapid change in the area of female sexuality and women are more outspoken now then ever before. Did you know that 1 in 14 women have never had an orgasm?
The Science
PRP was made famous when used as "The Vampire Facelift" that Kim Kardashian had on TV.  There is new breakthroughs in the field of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Stem cells grow new tissue in the vagina and clitoris and not only rejuvenates, but also helps with bladder leakage as the tissue is regrown, increasing blood flow and shrinking the pubocervical fasia helping both stress incontinence and overactive bladder.
The Benefits
Used for 10 common female complaints:
1. Labia majora laxity
2. Vaginal laxity
3. Atrophic Vulvovasinitis
4. Stress incontinence
5. Overactive Bladder
6. Pelvic prolapse - can reduce by 1 stage to avoid surgery
7. Orgasmic Dysfunction
8. Repetitive vaginitis - normalized pH
9. Repetitive UTI
10. Lichen Sclerosus

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